Calvin Racette

Calvin Racette is a Cree/Métis from the Qu'Appelle Valley in Southern Saskatchewan. He recently retired after a 34 year career in education. During his education career, which was focused on Indigenous education, he had many diverse experiences.

His early career was spent as a researcher/curriculum writer for Gabriel Dumont Institute.  He has several publications on Métis history and culture to his credit: a five part book series called Métis Development and the Canadian West; Flags of the Métis; In Two Worlds-Métis Study Prints; and The Canadian Atlas of Aboriginal Settlement.  He also served as resource person for several video productions on the Métis: My Partners my People - four components of a 12 part series; Metcom - 2 components of a 12-part series; and, more recently, La Sawndr akwa Mawtoowin (Ashes to Tears) the Green Lake story.

His 34 year teaching career allowed him experiences as a classroom teacher, a vice principal, and the Aboriginal Education Coordinator in the public system.  He also served as a curriculum officer, assistant director and executive director of Gabriel Dumont Institute.  He developed courses and also served as an instructor on Métis history and culture.  He assisted in photographing and documenting a large collection of Métis artifacts that are housed in European museums.  He also was involved in the development of the Virtual Museum on Métis People for the Gabriel Dumont Institute.

Calvin has a long history with SaskCulture.  He has served as a grant adjudicator several times on the Métis Cultural Development Fund, as well as with the City of Regina. 

His most recent work has been in the area of Truth and Reconciliation and Treaty Education.  He is involved with Nelson Education and assists them in making the Treaty and Truth and Reconciliation connections.  His most recent is called Under One Sun for kindergarten to grade 8.  He was also part of a team that is a recent recipient of the Lieutenant Governor Award on History for a project on Treaty Education.

Calvin is a proud parent and grandparent.  His four children and nine grandchildren are his passion.  He is determined to support them in their learning and being proud of all the cultural backgrounds they share in forming their Métis identity.  He enjoys serving as a local historian, volunteer and is currently involved in helping design a local museum.  Calvin was first elected to the SaskCulture Board in 2018 for a one-year term and re-elected in 2019 for a two-year term.