The story continues…2014 and on

Off to a good start in 2014, the Tri-Global Partnership and government celebrated with the signing of a new five-year Lottery Licence Agreement, and a stable licence fee of 3.5%. The partnership worked on increased promotion of the impact of lottery funding on the network, and new ways to evaluate the delivery system.

SaskCulture worked with R. Anderson and Associates, in partnership with Terry Schwalm &
Associates, on a community consultation report, which was released in April 2014. The report, Engaging Saskatchewan’s Emerging Demographics, outlined the cultural community’s interest and ability to address the emerging demographics in Saskatchewan; namely the growing First Nations and Métis youth population and the rising immigration rates whereby more newcomers were making Saskatchewan home. SaskCulture and its partners also released the results of the McNair Business Developments report, Assessment of Demographic and Community Data (October 2013), which verifies the changing demographics and the impacts to Saskatchewan’s communities.

The Saskatchewan Partnership for Arts Research (SPAR), which includes Saskatchewan Arts Alliance, SaskCulture, Saskatchewan Arts Board and the University of Regina, were successful in receiving funding form the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council in Canada in 2013 for a three-year study entitled Understanding Arts Ecology of Saskatchewan. The project is focused on the nature of professional connections and networks forged by artists among themselves and with their community, as well as whether these relationship are healthy and sustainable. A survey project was launched in April 2014 to gather input from artists and the general public.


SaskCulture Inc. is constantly moving forward and addressing the changing needs of Saskatchewan peoples It continues to be an important part of the province’s evolving history, contributing to the cultural development of this province, and ultimately, working to build and maintain a culturally vibrant Saskatchewan!