March 30, 2017 9:00AM Workshop

BCP & Crisis Management Seminar For Nonprofit Leaders

SARC Office, 111 Cardinal Crescent

PART 1 - INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLANNING (9:00-12:00) - MATT SAWATSKY This session will provide attendees with the knowledge and tools they need to develop a business continuity plan specific to their organization. As attendees progress through the program, they’ll learn how to assess their organizations vulnerabilities and develop practical, personalized policies and procedures to minimize the impact of an emergency. PART 2 - CRISIS LEADERSHIP (1:00-4:00) - STEVE ARMSTRONG Whether the crisis is the result of a disaster, death, organizational change or loss of funding it is your responsibility to lead. The Crisis Leadership session will provide attendees with the tools to lead their organization and teams through any crises. Attendees will learn to develop a "road map" to help build a crisis leadership plan which closes the gap between the attendee and those they lead.

Accessible: Yes

Cost: $349-$379 + GST

Contact: Mindy Bonderoff

Organization: SARC

Phone: 933-0616 ext 224