June 23, 2017 10:30PM Special Event

Trashy Treasures Cabaret: John Waters Visits Regina

Q Nightclub & Lounge, 2070 Broad St, Regina, SK

Join us after The Films of John Waters: Pink Flamingos and more! as we continue to celebrate all things Campy, Trashy and Filthy with performances that are guaranteed to make you feel really good about yourself in ways you never imagined. Lex Vaughn’s Graham and Diane and Andrew Harwood’s Madame Zsa Zsa, The $2 Psychic are here to make your evening that much more tasteless, tragic and déclassé…we can only hope…enjoy! GRAHAM AND DIANE is the ongoing saga between a homemade, foul-mouthed, glue huffing puppet and their long suffering, teetotaling, closet-lezbo human counterpart. Graham and Diane reside in a bachelor basement apartment and practice comedy routines. Graham was given to Diane as a teenager, by her drifter uncle, Uncle Rummy, in sympathy to her friendless existence. Graham remains to be Diane’s only friend to date. MADAME ZSA ZSA, The $2 Psychic is a series of performances that blends social relativism, drag, spirituality and camp. This life work/performance has had many incarnations across Canada including the performance and installation 'Seancé' at Platform in Winnipeg, 2013 and the 'Big on Bloor' festival Toronto, 2016. PLUS!! Door Prizes - Event t-shirts and bags by Articulate Ink.

Accessible: None

Cost: $10

Contact: Gary Varro

Organization: Queer City Cinema

Phone: (306) 216-2867

E-mail: projects@qcitycinema.ca

Website: http://queercitycinema.ca/