June 24, 2017 12:00PM Artist Talk

Flushing Filth in Canada: Canadian Short Films & Video

MacKenzie Art Gallery, 3475 Albert St, Regina, SK

Flushing Filth in Canada is part of Camp, Trash, Filth: John Waters Visits Regina, an 8-day event that includes screenings, performances, and talks — and of course John Waters himself! Watch a Canadian short film and video program followed by a conversation between curator Dr. Thomas Waugh and Writer in Residence Peter Knegt. Culled from the Queer Media Database Canada-Quebec – who’s mandate is to uncover, promote and bring back to life our queer moving-image artistic heritage – Dr. Thomas Waugh provides the following description for his short film and video program Flushing Filth in Canada. How did Canadian LGBTQ film and video artists in the formative post-Stonewall and Epidemic-shaped decades process stigma, marginalization and underground desire? Many artists of those decades did so through the themes of filth, outrage and the abject. They focused on the specific iconographies of the toilet as a space of sexual exchange, trauma and performance. What does the archive of those artistic processings tell us about our history and about our identity struggles and imaginaries? And how did they relate to the emergence south of the border of an aesthetic of filth, trash, and camp beginning in the 1970s? This program of 6 bold and filthy films and videos honours this rich archive of 20th-century shorts. After the screening, join Dr. Thomas Waugh in conversation with Writer in Residence Peter Knegt as they discuss campy, trashy and filthy plots, scenarios and ideas used by filmmakers, queer or otherwise. The discussion will also broach such questions as: - is humour and camp in film (and art generally) a way to forge identities that break down barriers and create access to subject matter that is difficult? - how and why do transgressive and subversive depictions of human nature as seen in the work of John Waters, Bruce LaBruce and other Canadian artists create controversy? and why are we both attracted to and repelled by such depictions? - how was the early work of Waters, LaBruce other Canadian artists telling (or not) of a time within queer politics and identity?

Accessible: Yes

Cost: free

Contact: Gary Varro

Organization: Queer City Cinema

Phone: 93060 216-2867

E-mail: projects@qcitycinema.ca

Website: http://queercitycinema.ca/