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Program Consultant - Truth and Reconciliation Program

SK Arts,
Deadline: November 24, 2021 - December 08, 2021





December 08, 2021

SK Arts is seeking a highly motivated, results-oriented individual to fill a Term, Less-Than-Full-Time position of Program Consultant with SK Arts. As a member of a talented team, the incumbent will work collaboratively with specific members of the agency’s program team.

The successful applicant will undertake research, conduct community consultations, and make proposals regarding a potential Truth and Reconciliation grant program in a structure that is reflective of Indigenous peoples, communities, and world views in the province.

This position could be based out of either SK Arts’ Regina or Saskatoon offices.
COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time employment begins will assist in determining whether the incumbent is able to be based out of an office or whether they will work from their home using equipment supplied by SK Arts.

Employment Type: Term, Less-Than-Full-Time

Employment Period: 3 months - January 1, 2022 - March 31, 2022

Start Date: Negotiable (pending availability) with a target start date of early January.

Hours of Work: Not less than 80 hours per month. (The incumbent will work a flexible schedule that can accommodate their other commitments, although it is expected most of the assigned work will be undertaken during traditional office hours. )

Salary Range: $35.51/hour (In Scope, Field, Classification Level 9, Step 1, SK Arts/SGEU 2016 to 2022 Collective Agreement)

SK Arts provides funding and support to the arts for the benefit of all people in Saskatchewan. We provide grants, programs and services to individuals and groups whose activities have an impact on the arts in Saskatchewan and ensure that opportunities exist for Saskatchewan residents to experience all art forms.

The position of program consultant is integral to the implementation of SK Arts’ strategic plan and primary organizational objectives and contributes to public recognition of SK Arts as an organization that is shaped by the creative strengths and diversity of the province’s artists, arts organizations and arts community.

As a member of a talented team of consultants, the incumbent is responsible for developing strategies, policies, programs, services, partnerships and relationships specific to Indigenous arts, artists, organizations and communities. The individual in this position may also develop and deliver other SK Arts funding programs and special initiatives and work with arts organizations, schools and communities engaging in arts activities in partnership with Saskatchewan artists as well as those who are seeking to benefit from involvement in the arts. The consultant is responsible for decisions that require professionalism, independent judgement and proactive approaches to problem solving.

The Program Consultant reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and works as a member of the Program Team, which also reports to the CEO.

The Program Consultant’s work is accomplished in a unionized environment in both the office and in the field. Intermittent travel may be required. Matters related to working conditions, hours of work and wage scales are determined by SK Arts and described in the SK Arts/SGEU Collective Agreement.
A criminal record check is a condition of employment.

The Program Consultant manages their portfolio and time within a monthly allocation of hours.

Key Deliverables
• Developing and delivering strategies, policies, programs and services that are available to;
o Indigenous artists, arts organizations, communities and schools that explore, create or present both traditional and/or contemporary art forms and practices;
o Communities, schools and organizations engaging in arts activities in partnership with Saskatchewan artists; and
o Arts organizations providing professional arts programs and services.
• Exploring, initiating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous artists, communities, organizations and governments; and arts and community stakeholders including funding partners, recipients of SK Arts funding, individual artists, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, government ministries and agencies
(federal and provincial), boards, the public and agency staff.
• Managing advisory processes, committees and/or focus groups that solicit advice from artists, communities and the public about the Arts Board’s programs and services.
• Researching programs and policies of other funding bodies, emerging art forms and the needs and practices of artists and arts organizations; identifying program outcomes; monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating programs and services and implementing revisions as necessary.
• Providing consultative and professional advisory support to the public, the Board of Directors, potential program applicants and recipients of Arts Board funding.
• Planning, developing and coordinating special projects and programs, and providing advice, expertise and leadership on projects and initiatives as assigned.
• Fulfilling the requirements of program funding partners by collecting necessary information and statistical data and preparing written reports.
• Representing SK Arts through relationships with individuals, organizations and communities; with the media through print, video, television or radio interview; electronic and telephone communications; and public speaking opportunities.
• Attending identified events, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc., as a representative of SK Arts in order to build awareness of the agency and its programs and services, and to inform program development and project evaluation.
• Participating as a member of SK Arts’ programs team and supporting other consultants, particularly during periods of heavy workload or during vacations, and contributing to a process of continuous improvement within SK Arts.

Knowledge and Experience:
• A university degree in the arts, Indigenous arts, Indigenous studies, or a related area supplemented by at least five years’ experience working in professional arts.
• Comprehensive knowledge of the Indigenous artists and arts organizations in Saskatchewan, and their traditional and contemporary art forms and practices.
• In-depth understanding and knowledge of Saskatchewan’s Indigenous communities and cultures.
• Extensive knowledge of the arts, artists and arts organizations in Saskatchewan and awareness of the province’s arts ecology.
• Knowledge of the legislation governing the Arts Board, the agency’s strategic objectives and its current programs.
• Knowledge of and experience with planning, developing, delivering, and evaluating government funding programs, and in assessing projects and their impact.
• Proven ability to conceptualize, develop, negotiate, implement, monitor, evaluate and adjust programs and/or services taking into considering changing priorities and resources.
• Forward-looking thinker skilled in discerning and analyzing issues, with a strong decision-making capability and proactive approach to problem solving.
• Proven ability to identify and assess relevant data, trends and opportunities, consider a variety of options and then determine and recommend or implement an appropriate action or strategy.
• Demonstrated ability to manage programs and projects, including the development and monitoring of budgets, timelines, and communications plans.
• Highly resourceful team player with the ability to handle confidential information with discretion, and to work independently and collaboratively to plan and carry out assignments in an effective, organized and timely manner with excellent attention to detail, especially when planning and managing multiple jobs at once and during periods of heavy workload.
• Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to listen, accurately comprehend and appropriately respond clearly and sensitively to diverse internal and external stakeholders.
• Adept at communication, both verbally and in writing, with a variety of audiences in a way that convinces, conveys information, builds support, educates or promotes understanding and overcomes challenges.
• Knowledge of computer software applications and social media platforms.

• Possession of a valid driver’s license.
• Ability to communicate in a Saskatchewan Indigenous language and/or French.