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Arts Administration – Special Projects Manager

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
Deadline: August 28, 2017 - September 13, 2017


Name: Will Brooks

Phone: 306 653 2300




September 13, 2017

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is currently looking to add a member to its team with skills in a selection of the areas of administration, project management, theatre producing, and fundraising.

Part of Saskatoon’s thriving theatre scene, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is a vibrant and exciting company looking to grow and develop into the future. Run by a small core of full time staff and a large summer contingent we are looking for just the right person to add to our core administrative team on a half time basis for 2-3 years. This position is focused on providing support to the core team in a period when we are taking on a large site redevelopment project and fundraising campaign. We are looking for a dynamic individual who brings a wide range of skills to the table to help shape a significant period in the company’s history. As we are a small core team and have some flexibility to restructure, dependent on the skills of the right team member, the job description for the successful candidate will focus on a selection of the areas below.

Submit with a resume and a letter of interest in PDF format to: Will Brooks, Artistic Producer via />

Specific job description will include a selection of the following dependent on the skills of the successful applicant:

Part of the core team shaping the future of the organization
Managing aspects of the capital fundraising campaign, supporting the fundraising team, carrying out administrative support for the campaign
Managing aspects of the design and creation of site redevelopment plans, planning processes, and planning documents
Producing aspects of our annual theatre festival
Project Management
Supporting the operations of the festival administration
Supporting the marketing and sponsorship of the festival
Supporting the artistic and creative processes of the organization
Creating documents associated site redevelopment planning
Grant and funding applications
An ideal candidate will have:

Theatre producing experience
Arts administrative experience
Post-secondary education in theatre
Project management experience
The ideal candidate for this position will be a creative and dynamic thinker who is interested in the challenge of taking advantage of the potential in this organization. The ideal candidate will have the experience and/or training that gives them the ability to take a role in shaping a theatre festival.

We are looking for exciting new possibilities so if you see a creative way that you can fit with and enhance our organization don’t hesitate to let us know.

This is a half time, year round position. Funding is secured for an initial 3 month probationary term with subsequent terms to be taken six months at a time until the site redevelopment project is complete. The position is expected to last 2-3 years. As we are a seasonal company, the half time hours may be weighted towards busy seasons. Salary is approximately $20,000 per year with access to a basic health plan.

We will accept applications until the position is filled with an initial closing date of noon September 13 2017.

Start date is somewhat flexible with the ideal start date being October 2 2017.