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Executive Director

Saskatchewan Orchestral Association, Regina
Deadline: November 28, 2018 - December 15, 2018


Name: Jennifer Peak




December 15, 2018

The Saskatchewan Orchestral Association is a non-profit Provincial Cultural Organization that promotes the development of orchestral and string music in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Orchestral Association also serves as a coordinating and funding organization for orchestral and string programs.

The executive director shall be responsible for the effective management of the organizational, financial and administrative requirements of the SOA, and shall report directly to the board of directors. Duties shall include implementation of policy, maintenance of effective relationships with the membership, the orchestral community, and various non-profit agencies.

1. Experience as a non-profit administrator and working with volunteers
2. Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
3. Exceptional networking and interpersonal skills
4. An understanding of volunteer, member-based organizations and related organizational behaviour.
5. Ability to establish a rapport with funding agencies, members and stakeholders
6. Project management skills
7. Ability to provide administrative support and facilitate the work of the volunteer board of directors.
8. Knowledge of the issues related to string music education would be beneficial

1. Maintain the orderly operations of the SOA as a provincial cultural organization
2. Perform the duties of secretary as allowed by the SOA constitution and bylaws
3. Perform the duties of treasurer as allowed by the SOA constitution and bylaws
4. Maintain accurate records of the SOA membership
5. Process member group grant applications as directed by the board
6. Maintain and update the SOA website
7. Maintain a ledger and pay invoices for SOA projects

The appointment is a contract position, offering flexible hours, occasional travel, with the opportunity to work from home.