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La Troupe du Jour, Saskatoon
Deadline: November 30, 2018 - December 14, 2018


Name: Darcie Young

Phone: 3066671226




December 14, 2018

La Troupe du Jour is the only professional francophone theatre in Saskatchewan and we are looking for someone to join our great team!

The primary objective of this role is to support a number of core finance processes through various payables processing, treasury activities, customer invoicing and receivables processing, month-end closing and reconciliations.

**A fully bilingual candidate is preferred, but we will be accepting applications from candidates with a basic knowledge of French.


1) Make all financial entries in the company's accounting system, prepare and send all invoices to the company's customers in a timely fashion, settle accounts payable, and, generally, ensures good book keeping of all accounting records of the organization;

2) Administer all employee payroll and deductions; prepares periodic reports of sales taxes and other financial documents required by municipal, provincial and federal government entities;

3) Ensures the financial management required of the box office, the season ticket sales, registrations, bar sales, fundraising activities, donations, petty cash and cash advances, according to the administrative and accounting procedures in place;

4) Document all donations received by the organization, keeps the donor bank up to date, issues charity receipts (including providing letters of thanks), preparing documentation for the annual audit, submit the annual report to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA);

5) Follow the annual budget and update it regularly the annual budget based on programming and planned activities;

6) Ensures budget control of all company projects; to this end, ensure good bookkeeping and ensure that corrective measures are implemented as needed to meet the budget;

7) Produce the financial statements to be submitted to the board of directors, produces bank reconciliations and supports the preparation of financial reports to the lenders;

8) Participate in the preparation of all documents related to the annual audit.

Part-time (14 hours per week)
Salary: $20.50$/hour

Please send your motivation letter along with your resumé to Darcie Young: