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Grants Administrator

SaskCulture, Regina
Deadline: September 04, 2019 - September 16, 2019


Name: Gloria Walsh




September 16, 2019

SaskCulture requires a dynamic individual for the position of Grants Administrator to support the effective coordination and delivery of cultural funding programs and services funded through the Culture Section of the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. The position is located in Regina, SK.

Reporting to the Associate CEO, responsibilities of this position include:
• administrative and logistical processes including funding application assessment, adjudication assessor support, record maintenance, and annual reporting;
• providing quality assurance and support to SaskCulture Outreach Consultants and adjudication peer assessment panels and ensure compliance to SaskCulture and Trust policies;
• database management using a customized online granting platform that includes maintaining statistical information for accountability and evaluation purposes;
• financial oversight of grant records including preparing payment vouchers and monthly reconciliation of grant programs;
• responding to inquiries about funding programs, both verbal and written, including information sessions, consultations, preparing reports and manuals, and developing website content;
• supporting the implementation of other programs and services, and conducting research on delivery methods and new initiatives; and
• general administrative support to the Program Team such as records management, arranging and recording meetings, etc.

Typically, the knowledge and skills required for this position would be acquired through post-secondary education in administration or financial management with at least five years’ experience in a non-profit or community organization, or a combination of relevant training and experience. The ideal candidate will possess experience in funding program development, delivery and quality assurance; knowledge of organizational development and non-profit governance and administration; database management and proficiency in computer applications; and strong communications skills. Familiarity and commitment to culture in Saskatchewan is a definite asset.

SaskCulture thanks all applicants for their interest; however, only those candidates being interviewed will be contacted. More information about this position can be found at

The deadline for applications is September 16, 2019. Forward applications, including salary expectations, to SaskCulture Inc., 404 – 2125 11th Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 3X3 or via email to

JOB SUMMARY: The Grants Administrator position is responsible for administrative and logistical processes that lead to the effective coordination and delivery of funding programs and services including funding application assessment, adjudication assessor support, record maintenance, and annual reporting. The Grants Administrator is keenly aware of, and abides by, the basic principles of quality assurance. This position works within the Ends and Executive Limitations framework established by the Board of Directors and as interpreted by the CEO.

1. As a member of the Program Team, works closely with the Associate CEO, Outreach Consultants and our financial team to effectively coordinate, develop, deliver, and monitor funding programs to meet requirements of the Culture Section of the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation.
- Ensures that impact data, accountability processes, and information gathering tools are in place to demonstrate the effectiveness of the programs and services supported by the Culture Section of the Trust, and ensure appropriate data is collected, compiled and current.
- In conjunction with the Program staff, ensures that funding programs supported by the Trust are in compliance with SaskCulture and Trust policies.
- Monitors procedures for lottery recognition and eligibility compliance within the framework of the criteria for each grant program and prepares lottery monitoring and compliance reports, when required.

2. Provides effective administrative processes and quality assurance of SaskCulture grant programs that meet the organization’s standards for accuracy, quality, accessibility and timeliness.
- Supports and coordinates portions of the funding application and assessment process, including processing grant submissions and working with the peer assessment panels of all SaskCulture funding programs, within established grant criteria and deadlines.
- Supports the maintenance of SaskCulture’s granting database.
- Maintains statistical and financial information for all funding programs for accountability and evaluation purposes.
- Ensures grant records and filing systems for the Program Team are maintained and appropriately archived in accordance with records management policies.
- Responds to inquiries related to funding programs and communicates and interprets funding guidelines to SaskCulture stakeholders (both written and verbal) as well as through co-ordination and participation in consultations and information sessions.
- Processes vouchers for applicable grant funds, ensuring accuracy of payments to grant recipients.
- Reconciles the monthly financial statements for grant programs.
- Works directly with the Associate CEO to arrange all Program Team meetings and maintains all records and files related to those meetings.
- Assists in ongoing reviews of programs and guidelines as needed.
- In consultation with other staff, develops content on grant programs for SaskCulture’s website and ensures information posted is current and relevant.
- Supports the implementation of other programs and services that can assist funding program effectiveness (i.e. conference topics, member resources, etc.), and assists in conducting research on delivery methods and new initiatives. This may including sitting on a SaskCulture staff committee as assigned.
- Prepares and/or compiles other documents, reports and manuals, as required.

3. Ensures provisions of consultation and support to SaskCulture’s funding related peer assessment panels to enable them to effectively adjudicate SaskCulture’s funding programs.
- In coordination with the Outreach Consultants and the Associate CEO, ensures peer assessor orientation, recruitment and review processes are in place.
- Maintains a current list of peer assessors and consults with other staff on assigning peer assessors to adjudications.
- Ensures unbiased, harmonized adjudication processes and maintains all records and files related to adjudication processes and results.
- Deal with logistics in organizing adjudications.

4. Participates in, and supports, team building and strategic planning with all SaskCulture staff.

5. Other duties as assigned.


• Customer Aware and Focused: Must be committed to providing responsive services to members, potential members, and other community stakeholders and work respectfully within a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment.
• Team-Orientation: Must be committed to being a team player and working to meet team goals in a diverse work environment. Must effectively attempt to prevent, and professionally respond to, conflict.
• Communication: Must be able to convey and listen to information and opinions of diverse audiences with clarity, conciseness and professionalism, in both verbal and written contexts.
• Leadership: Must be willing to share areas of competence with others. Must show personal leadership within the position, through setting priorities and meeting timelines consistently.
• Strategic Thinking/Problem Solving: Must be able to anticipate and solve problems effectively and use innovative approaches to deal with them. Must be willing to participate in the ongoing change process required of an organization that values the cultural community.


• Computer Skills: Must be familiar and proficient with a number of computer software programs and databases.
• General Office Skills: Must be familiar with a variety of office equipment and procedures including filing, photocopying, mail, etc.
• Verbal and Written Communication: Must have good writing skills and the ability to prepare, proofread, and format documents. Must be able to communicate in a professional manner to reflect the image of SaskCulture and assess information and determine what is important.
• Flexibility & Initiative: Must be able to effectively handle staff inquiries and requests while maintaining a focused work plan.
• Organizational Skills: Must demonstrate strong organizational skills, with the ability to plan, set priorities and meet timelines consistently.
• Organizational Development: Must have knowledge of the organizational structure and development of non-profit organizations and organizational effectiveness standards and practices.
• Data Analysis and Presentation: Must be able to develop and implement analytical tools for data management as well as design clear and concise data presentations.
• Group Presentation Skills: Must be skilled at organizing and presenting information in such a way that others are encouraged to provide feedback and freely express their opinions.
• Attention to Detail: Must be detail-oriented and precise with the ability to review documents in detail to ensure accuracy and complete information.
• Research Skills: General knowledge of research methods and tools.
• Financial Knowledge: Must have a basic understanding of financial statements and financial accountability standards and procedures, and knowledge of budget development and monitoring.
• Cultural Knowledge: Requires a general knowledge of cultural activity in the province and SaskCulture’s role within the cultural community and the diverse cultural environment communities and organizations that SaskCulture works with.