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Curriculum Developers

Museums Association of Saskatchewan, Regina
Deadline: August 28, 2020 - September 18, 2020


Name: Dan Holbrow

Phone: 306-780-9241


Website: www.saskmuseums.orgf


September 18, 2020

Museum experts needed for curriculum development **DEADLINE EXTENDED**

The Museums Association of Saskatchewan requires consultants for the revision and update of courses in our Certificate Program for Community Museum Studies. Courses to be revised include:

● Museums 101 -- an introduction to what museums are and what they do
● Organization and Management -- an introduction to how a small museum is
organized, and best practices for managing a museum
● Volunteer Management -- participants learn how to work with volunteers, from
recruitment to maintaining volunteer engagement to volunteer recognition
● Research -- the role of research in community museums, and basic research
● Care of Collections -- basic knowledge about preventative conservation, including
topics like causes of deterioration, and the safe storage and display of artifacts.**

The consultants chosen will be responsible for reviewing curriculum material, ensuring that references are correct and up to date and that the practices described represent current best practices in museum work. Remuneration will be $1000.00 per course for approximately 20 hours of work.

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to p​​ by S​eptember 18​, 2020. The cover letter should include which course(s) you are interested in revising, and outline how your knowledge and experience equip you to complete the work.