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Website Development and Hosting

SK Arts, Regina
Deadline: September 16, 2020 - October 02, 2020


October 02, 2020

SK Arts seeks a professional website developer to build a new website for the agency. Bradbury Brand + Design Experts has already been engaged by SK Arts to provide designs for the new website (see initial design concepts attached to the RFP), so this RFP is solely for the building and hosting of the website.

SK Arts is satisfied with the content of our site, although we are open to reviewing the information architecture of the site. We expect the successful vendor to migrate the content of the existing site to the new one.

SK Arts would like a system where we can be responsible, as much as possible, for maintaining the content of our website.

The maximum budget for this project is $50,000 (not including ongoing hosting and maintenance), though we may consider a slightly higher amount for the right proposal. Developers are asked to submit a budget reflecting their time and costs; the proposed budget will be among the factors considered when selecting the developer.