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Common Weal Community Arts, Regina
Deadline: March 10, 2017 - March 31, 2017


Name: Gerry Ruecker

Phone: 3067809442

E-mail: adcommonweal@sasktel.net

Website: http://commonweal.ca


March 31, 2017

About Us: Since 1992 Common Weal Community Arts has connected professional artists with communities to promote social change and cultural identity through creative expression. We strive to inspire ideas and empower people to tell their stories in their own voices. Place, shared identity, or interest may define the participating communities, the majority of which are marginalized, underserved, or historically misrepresented. Our projects are diverse in artistic discipline and approach including elements of traditional practice, site-specific work, residency and workshop activity, high profile events, and critical discourse on socially-engaged and community-based arts.

Submission Details: We are requesting submissions from professional artists in any discipline for a three-month exploratory pilot project that addresses the topic of racism in our communities (locally and/or provincially). Our objectives for this project are: a) to provide a voice for those who have experienced racism; b) to stimulate dialogue within society at large; c) to assess the viability of a year-long Artist-in-Residence program exploring this theme. We are interested in, but not limited to, projects that bridge the indigenous and newcomer communities.

Some questions to consider in the development of your submission:

How can art be used to engage systems of power and foster social and racial equity?

How can community action creatively address accountability and responsibility for equal justice within legal, financial, and social systems?

How can creative practices bear witness and give testimony to those who suffer injustice, and in the process help to transform systems of structural oppression?

All interested artists should apply, with the following:
- An Artist CV (maximum 3 pages).
- A statement (maximum 250 words) highlighting your experience in the field of community engaged arts and interest in working with Common Weal.
- 2-5 samples of work (photos, writing, video, MP3, etc.).
- A project proposal (maximum 2 pages) detailing:
-- a brief description of project activity and a proposed three-month timeline;
-- details on how the project will explore the feasibility of a year long residency and your ideas for expanding the project should this become a reality;
-- needs for additional experts, such as traditional knowledge keepers and elders and/or guest artists;
-- spatial and material requirements;
-- anticipated participant communities, including potential partnerships;
-- additional costs such as travel.

Note: We will be selecting 3-5 artists to interview. Submissions should be a high-level overview. Details can be explored in conversation.

Common Weal Community Arts maintains strict adherence to professional standards such as fair pay and contracting in line with the Arts Professions Act. All project costs will be the responsibility of our organization.

Submissions will be accepted until March 31, 2017 via email to:

Gerry Ruecker, Southern Artistic Director, adcommonweal@sasktel.net />