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SaskCulture Inc., Saskatchewan-wide
Deadline: April 07, 2017 - April 28, 2017


Name: Damon Badger Heit

Phone: 306-780-9251

E-mail: dbheit@saskculture.ca

Website: www.SaskCulture.ca


April 28, 2017

SaskCulture Inc. is seeking the services of a digital video/imaging producer, and/or facility, for the documentation and production of six (6) short videos, covering five (5) cultural projects and their responses to Canada 150.

Release Date: April 7, 2017

Closing Date: April 28, 2017

SaskCulture Inc. is a community-based, volunteer-driven organization that works with over 140 member organizations and other community partners to build a culturally vibrant future in which all citizens of Saskatchewan, individually and collectively, celebrate, value and support participation in, and access to, cultural experience.

SaskCulture is Manager of the Culture Section of the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. Besides providing substantial funding, in the form of grants, to support cultural activities throughout the province, SaskCulture supports the development of a strong, thriving cultural community and serves as a voice for culture in the province, promoting the benefits of being actively involved in a diversity of cultural activity throughout a lifetime. SaskCulture supports a wide range of cultural programs, services and events, as well as its key initiatives of Culture Days and Creative Kids.


SaskCulture, with partners the Saskatchewan Arts Board, Saskatchewan Indigenous Culture Centre, Gabriel Dumont Institute, Saskatchewan Aboriginal Writers Circle Inc. and Buffalo Peoples Arts Institute, are collaborating on a multi-faceted project: Resilience and Respect: 150 Years and Beyond. This unique project and collaboration seeks to envision a long-term partnership amongst Saskatchewan’s umbrella cultural organizations, particularly by celebrating the resilience and future of Indigenous cultures and languages in keeping with the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) report.

SaskCulture is seeking a videographer to engage with the partnership, conduct interviews, document activities and produce a total of six (6) short videos that showcase the work and efforts of each individual partner and their activities.

• The Videographer will have demonstrated experience in working in culturally diverse settings.
• The Videographer must have an understanding of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission,
• The Videographer must be able to work with community members in a culturally competent approach.
• The Videographer must be able to commence planning and filming in May, with peak activity occurring over the Summer and Fall months of 2017.
• The Videographer must be able and willing to travel to a number of communities and events to work:

o One partner meeting in Saskatoon in May 2017 to meet partners to input into envisioning the production and focus’ of the documentation of their work
o Saskatoon approximately four times for two days at a time between May and November
o Regina approximately four times for two days at a time between May and November
o Travel to three rural communities that are yet to be determined between June and October

• Access to drone/aerial video recording an asset
• Capability of live streaming two events an asset
• The Videographer must be capable of producing video modules for online and broadcast quality. The video modules will have elements of consistency in visual identity, (logo’s, text etc…) with input from each partner organization on their individual representations.
• The Videographer must provide access to raw “B” roll footage to SaskCulture
• The Videographer will collaborate with SaskCulture staff to schedule locations and times with project partners
• The Videographer must have a valid driver’s license

• Five digital video modules, approximately 5-8 minutes in length featuring the work of partner organizations, activities and responses to Canada 150 and the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The documentation will be conducted in both interview format and documentation of activity. To be completed by November, 2017.
• One digital video module, approximately 10-20 minutes featuring the project as a whole. With a rough cut ready for the public by December 2017.
• Additional documentation and footage to be obtained and included in the final video from two project wrap-up gatherings in February 2018.
• Potential additional work livestreaming the two wrap up events in February 2018.

A covering letter, dated and signed by a person authorized to negotiate, make commitments and provide any clarifications with respect to the proposal on behalf of the bidding consultant or firm. Provide a statement indicating your company’s understanding of the proposed project and the deliverables required, as well as the time required and expected delivery date. Provide an indication of any proposed deviations or exceptions to the project details and deliverables supplied.

Provide a resume of experience of this nature, and of any individuals in particular that will help support the process. References would be appreciated.

Provide an estimate of proposed expenditures, including travel, required to complete the six digital videos as described above.

Please send your proposal to:
SaskCulture Inc.
404, 2125 11th Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 3X3

Or electronically to:

/>dbheit@saskculture.ca />
Inquiries, interpretations, and questions regarding this RFP are to be directed to Damon Badger Heit at dbheit@saskculture.ca, or by phone: 306-780-9251.

The selection committee will determine candidates based on qualifications and knowledge; related work experience and depth of experience; understanding of project; availability and proposed cost.

All applicants will be notified of their results following the review process.