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Digital Art for Traffic Control Boxes

Regina Downtown Business Improvement District, Regina
Deadline: March 13, 2018 - April 27, 2018


Name: Lovella Jones

Phone: 306-359-7002

E-mail: ljones@reginadowntown.ca

Website: www.reginadowntown.ca


April 27, 2018

Project description
Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) in partnership with the City of Regina, is seeking visual artists to design and create innovative digital art for traffic control boxes located along Broad Street between College Avenue and Saskatchewan Drive. These highly visible boxes are the silver metal boxes at intersections that control the operation of the traffic signals.

A digital reproduction of the successful designs will be transferred onto a vinyl product that will be wrapped around the traffic control boxes. Artists should understand that the finished works will be on functioning City of Regina equipment that will need repair or replacing at some point in time. The City therefore cannot guarantee the duration of use of each traffic signal box. Artists should also be aware that traffic signal boxes are often targets for vandalism. Although we will protect the artwork with a vandal-resistant clear coat, it cannot guarantee that vandalized traffic signal boxes will be repaired and the artwork restored to its original state. Artists must accept the risk that their artwork may be damaged, altered, or removed at any time after completion.

Successful projects will reflect an understanding of:
• Reflect an understanding of the community and its identifying features, values and character.
• Interpret these elements into a public artwork for the traffic control boxes.
• Be an original design that is respectful and suitable for the traffic control boxes.
• Showcase the artist through colour, design, technique and creativity.
An adjudication committee will review the submissions and selected artists will receive an honorarium of $675.00 at signing of agreement.

Important details:
- Traffic boxes are approximately 30 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 56 inches high.
- Some boxes have 4 sides visible and some boxes have 3 sides visible. Your design should be developed with this in mind.
- Existing features of the traffic boxes includes vents, a door, hinges and handle.