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Request for Proposals: Salary and Compensation Review

Sport, Culture and Recreation Sectors within the Province of Saskatchewan, Regina
Deadline: April 10, 2019 - April 22, 2019


Name: Randy Durovick

Phone: 306-533-9940

E-mail: rdurovick@spra.sk.ca


April 22, 2019

Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of the compensation study is to review and benchmark the current compensation ranges for selected staff levels within sport, culture and recreation sectors. SSI/SC/SPRA intend to share the information provided with other volunteer, non-profit sport, culture and recreation organizations in order to have current data that can be used in comparison to similar studies/reviews that have been done across the country.

Scope of Work
Through consultation with SSI/SC/SPRA, the project shall include, but is not limited to, the following activities:
1. Development and design of a survey that will focus on:
a. Job title
b. Education and Experience
c. Supervisory responsibility (number of employees supervised)
d. Budget responsibility and size of organization
e. Salary range (Starting base wage, wage of current staff, and maximum wage for given positions)
f. Years to attain maximum wage (if applicable)
g. Additional incentive pay structures
h. Paid time off benefits (i.e. holiday, sick, vacation, bereavement and personal leaves)
i. Retirement plan types and contributions
j. Health Insurance benefits
k. Additional benefits not listed above

2. Submission to relevant organizations
a. Submit survey to targeted organizations by whatever method deemed appropriate (i.e. mail, email, fax, etc.)

3. Collection of survey responses
a. Persuade targeted organizations to respond to the survey questionnaire in order to ensure a high response rate (Minimum of 85% return rate)
b. Act as the main point of contact for the survey questions
c. Receive survey responses

4. Compilation of results into a comprehensive report of findings and recommendations
a. Provide, within report, information on survey methodology
b. Include detailed tables, charts and general observations of survey results
c. Report should be broken down into five (5) sections (see below)
d. Provide recommended salary grids for the various positions
e. Review wages and benefits from the culture and recreation sector to other comparable sectors in terms of job responsibility, budget, number of employees supervised, etc. (i.e.: health or education, etc.)

5. Completion Date
The Survey(s) and Final Report are to be completed no later than Friday, June 21, 2019.

Proposal Evaluation
All proposals will be evaluated based on the following:
1. The ability to meet requirements of the project.
2. The experience, knowledge and ability of the firm and their resources to deliver a satisfactory product.
3. The cost of the proposal.
4. The overall value of the proposal.

Note: Lowest price proposal will not necessarily be accepted and all prices are to be in Canadian Funds.

Working Agreement
 The successful Consultant will enter into a Contract for Services with SSI/SC/SPRA, based upon the information contained in this Request for Proposals, the successful Consultant’s submission and any modifications thereto.
 SSI/SC/SPRA shall hold the copyright to and total ownership of the Compensation Review Report and all information therein.

Submission Requirements

In order to receive consideration, all proposals must be submitted according to the following requirements:
1. Four (4) copies or email must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 22, 2019. Late proposals will be returned unopened.
2. SSI/SC/SPRA reserves the right to reject all proposals for any reason, without any liability to the firms. Lowest price proposals will not necessarily be accepted. Proposals which vary from the minimum required specifications will be considered accordingly.
3. SSI/SC/SPRA will notify invited vendors of the results within 30 days of closing the RFP. All proposals shall be irrevocable until the contract is awarded, or a period of 30 days has elapsed from the submission deadline.
4. Sealed proposals are to be submitted to:
Randy Durovick SPRA
100 - 1445 Park Street Regina SK S4N 4C5


By email to: rdurovick@spra.sk.ca

Questions can be directed in writing to Randy Durovick at the address listed above, or by email to: rdurovick@spra.sk.ca. The question and answer provided will be circulated to all potential firms.
We thank all those invited for their interest in providing a proposal.