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Writer - Regina Symphony Historical Book

Regina Symphony Orchestra, Regina
Deadline: May 06, 2019 - May 31, 2019


Name: Dave Hedlund

Phone: 13065014555

E-mail: davehedlund@sasktel.net

Website: http://reginasymphony.com


May 31, 2019

Request for Proposal:
Writer - Regina Symphony Orchestra Historical Book

The Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) is accepting proposals from authors interested in producing a book that highlights the history of the RSO and its many connections to the city that has supported and sustained it.

Background and Context
The Regina Orchestral Society was formed in 1908. In December it performed its first of four concerts that season. Now, 110 years later, the RSO presents a 37-week concert season, delivers 14 Education and Outreach programs, and engages more than 75,000 people each year through a wide variety of initiatives. The leadership of our Music Director and Executive Director, both recruited in recent years, has led to exciting new approaches to artistic programming and community partnerships. www.reginasymphony.com
The RSO’s history was last documented and published in 1983 for our 75th anniversary in a modest, paperback publication that was not widely circulated, and did not have broad appeal. Over the past 20 months, we have engaged in a major historical research project and hundreds of hours have been invested in locating, organizing, updating and develop- ing our archives and documenting our history. A great deal of information has been gath- ered about our first 30 years (1900 to 1930) that was not available before. During this anniversary season, we have profiled the RSO story through media features, social me- dia, multi-media presentations, and by the development of a series of 10 large historical story boards displayed at our concert venues. This has profiled our long and unique his- tory and will increase the level of interest and demand for the book, once it is available. Our extensive research has identified sources, documented information and collected photos that will be available to the writer and substantially reduce the research effort re- quired. Our future research efforts can also be targeted to support particular themes and topics that emerge as the book takes shape.

A four-person RSO History Project Steering Committee, including the RSO Executive Director, two RSO board members (one is the researcher for the history project), and a person with publishing experience, will provide direction and support to the writer.

Scope of Services & Desired Outcome
For this updated version of our history, we envision a well-written narrative that describes the birth and evolution of the Symphony in the context of a young city, exploring the many connections and commonalities as both developed and grew. Liberal use of graphics and photos will bring the story to life and make for a publication with broad public appeal. We anticipate a volume of approximately 240 pages with up to 40% of the content in graphic and photographic form. The overall format, structure, content, style and final word count of the book will be determined in concert with the Committee to ensure the final product meets the promotional and marketing goals of the project. The writer will be responsible for producing a manuscript that is ready to be sent to the publisher, including photo cap- tions, an index, table of contents and appendices. Images will be sourced, and permissions secured by the Committee.

Fees, Rights and Credits
The writer selected will be named as the author. The RSO will make the final selection of a publisher. The publisher and the RSO will have ongoing rights to the publication, joint responsibility for marketing, and will share any profits generated from its sale. The selected writer may pursue available individual writing grants. The pursuit of project and publishing grants or book sponsorships will be the responsibility of the RSO. A payment schedule based on the anticipated outcome of the above activities will be negotiated as part of the writer’s contract.

Time Frames
Proposals should be submitted by May 31, 2019 with a view to selecting a writer before June 30, 2019. The draft manuscript will be completed by March 1, 2020 and submitted to the publisher. The book will be ready for sale in January 2021, in time to be marketed in the last half of the 2021-22 RSO season.

Conflict of Interest
Please declare any real or perceived conflict of interest that exists or could arise. The nature of the conflict will be evaluated and may or may not result in exclusion.

Guidelines for Proposal Requirements and Content
Please provide a brief proposal outlining your concept for this project, how you would anticipate engaging with the Committee and the Researcher, and the total cost of services and expenses with accompanying rationale. The scope and detail of the work will be re- fined following the selection of a writer. Please provide any additional documents or samples of previous work that will assist the Committee in deciding on the writer who is the best fit for the project.

How to Apply/Contact information
Please send your proposal and direct questions to:
Dave Hedlund, RSO Board Member and History Project Coordinator