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SMMART - Social Media Marketing for Artists

Creative City Centre,
Deadline: July 31, 2020 - August 21, 2020


August 21, 2020

SMMART stands for “social media marketing for artists”. SMMART aims to provide Saskatchewan artists with opportunities to create new digital content and then give them the skillset to turn that content into the various marketing products that will help them increase their profile online, gain new audiences and engage with both collaborators and consumers in new ways. Through eight online social media marketing workshops, artists will gain the knowledge to take their new digital content and use it to further their careers by creating strategic social media marketing campaigns.

Over the next two years, we will be offering this program twice (2020 and 2021). In each cohort, we will be accepting 16 music/recording artists, 10 spoken word artists, and 14 visual artists. As part of our efforts toward reconciliation, we have made a commitment that a minimum of 50% of those artists in each discipline will be Indigenous.

Each successful applicant will record new, original digital content in the form of videos, interviews and photography (depending on the artistic medium). This content will be recorded at the Creative City Centre and/or in the artist’s studio (again, depending on the medium). This digital content will then be edited for the artist’s personal use on their own social media accounts and website. Following the content creation, artists will complete an 8-week digital marketing training program conducted by Strategy Lab, a Regina-based social media company. These workshops will be offered once per week, taking 2-3 hours each week, and will be delivered online. Attendance at all training sessions is mandatory.

Throughout the social media marketing course, successful applicants will gain key information about marketing strategies, personal branding, social media and more. They will also learn important digital skills such as basic photo and video editing to create effective social media posts. By the end of the 8-week program, artists should be competent in developing, implementing and evaluating their own social media marketing strategies.

We are looking for professional Saskatchewan artists who are interested in increasing their online presence and social media marketing knowledge. Applicants must have the desire and need to further their social media marketing skills, gain followers on social media and improve their digital content. Applicants must be willing to commit to attendance at all training sessions and to dedicating an investment of time into developing their social media campaigns. We are accepting applications from three disciplines: 16 music/recording artists, 10 spoken word artists and 14 visual artists for a total of 40 artists per deadline. Our definition of “professional artist” is fairly fluid…if you have performed or exhibited your work in public or have been paid to perform or exhibit your work, you are eligible for this program.

Artists do not have to be from Regina. We can offer financial support for travel to Regina for the content creation sessions and all of the courses will be delivered online. You must have access to a computer and the Internet in order to access the courses and in order to implement a social media campaign. Applications will be adjudicated by a discipline-specific jury comprised of representatives from the partnering organizations and other industry professionals.

Applications will be accepted as of July 30, 2020 with a deadline of August 21, 2020. Yes, this is a tight application window! The first cohort will be determined by early September, with digital content creation to occur in September, October and November. The online training program will commence in November/December and run until January/February 2021 (allowing a break for Christmas/New Years.) Because this is a pilot project, the timeline is subject to change. It will depend on how quickly we can get people scheduled for the video shoots, editing and other factors. It is possible the training sessions will not start until January 2021. The second cohort will run in 2021, with dates to be announced in the spring of 2021.