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Call for Artists - Regina Downtown Business Improvement District

Regina Downtown Business improvement District, Regina
Deadline: January 28, 2021 - March 12, 2021


Name: Dominka Deneve

Website: https://www.reginadowntown.ca/callforartists


March 12, 2021

Regina Downtown Business Improvement District (RDBID) is currently looking for diverse original artwork, reflective of Downtown Regina’s culturally vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood, for the 2021 Urban Canvas Downtown Regina public art program.

This year, only six artworks will be chosen and installed as vinyl wraps on five traffic control boxes and one large mural; the mural will incorporate themes related to reconciliation or mental health. Exact locations and dimensions will be confirmed with artists upon selection. Three more traffic control boxes will feature heritage photos.

Artist submissions must be in digital format and submitted online at www.reginadowntown.ca/callforartists by March 12, 2021.

Submissions must include:
• artist bio and contact information;
• proposed design description(s) and design sketch(es) (max. 3); and
• three images of past work.

Artwork will be selected by a panel of adjudicators, representing the local arts community and the City of Regina. Selected artists will be notified by end of April 2021, and will receive an artist fee of $700 per design. Installation of new artwork will begin in early summer 2021. Images of artwork, artist statements and bios will be published on RDBID’s website.

Downtown Regina is everyone’s neighbourhood – a valued asset that equally embraces our community and is embraced by our community. As a non-profit organization, RDBID actively works to build awareness of Regina’s unique, attractive and desirable downtown for visitors, residents, and businesses.

In partnership with the City of Regina, RDBID created the Urban Canvas Downtown Regina public art program in 2011 as a means to deepen the sense of community in our shared downtown neighbourhood and connect the public to local artists. Originally part of Downtown Regina’s response to deter unwanted vandalism, this program has grown to fulfill other valuable functions, adding value and vitality to this dynamic and diverse neighbourhood – at the heart of the City!

Through this program, RDBID has worked with over 60 artists, from Saskatchewan, Canada, and the United States. Artwork has been featured on alley doors, traffic control boxes, vacant storefronts, and large-scale murals.

For more information on the Urban Canvas Downtown Regina public art program visit reginadowntown.ca.