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Everett Baker Award for Saskatchewan Heritage

Saskatchewan History and Folklore Society, Saskatchewan
Deadline: February 01, 2021 - March 01, 2021


Name: Kristin Enns-Kavanagh

Phone: 3063612296

E-mail: kristin.ennskavanagh@shfs.ca

Website: http://www.shfs.ca/bakeraward


March 01, 2021

The Everett Baker Award for Saskatchewan Heritage is named for the SHFS’ first President, Everett Baker.

Throughout his life, Everett Baker was a strong believer in the importance of understanding the past to build a better future. As such, he worked tirelessly to preserve local history. In that spirit, the Baker Award recognizes individuals, groups or organizations who have gone “above and beyond” to preserve and promote heritage in Saskatchewan. The award also recognizes efforts to call public attention to aspects of little-known Saskatchewan history.

Deadline is March 1!