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Call for Dance Artists

Dance Saskatchewan Inc., Saskatchewan
Deadline: November 12, 2022 - December 12, 2022


Name: Sarah Hoag

Phone: 3066507277

E-mail: ed@dancesask.com

Website: dancesask.com


December 12, 2022

All information can be found here:

What is This Opportunity?
Dance Saskatchewan Inc. is pleased to be partnering with On Cue Performance Hub Inc. to offer a compensated opportunity for dance and movement artists to work collaboratively, create new work, and present their art all the while exploring the themes of anti-racism and anti-oppression. We hope to offer an opportunity for artists to discuss, explore, experiment, and develop a choreographic idea or work- in-progress, from the initial stages through to a public encounter.
Artists have access to support and feedback from peer facilitators, the opportunity to share the work with their peers, and the platform to engage in community dialogues with an audience at a public showing.
Selected artists will receive 45 hours of fully subsidized and shared studio space to develop their solo, duo, trio, and/or quartet works, with help or guidance from peer facilitators. The artists will share their work first with each other and the facilitator, and then in a showing open to the public. Together, artists are expected to have a minimum of 30 minutes of material to show.

Who Are We Looking for?
-We are hoping to connect independent dance and movement artists who want to work collaboratively with three or four other local dancers and movers.
-We are looking for individual artists who can speak to or engage through embodiment their experience within or in support of marginalized, underserved, or underrepresented groups.
-The artists must be able to commit to attending a symposium on January 14-15, 2023 (in-person and virtual options are available). The artists must also be willing to commit to up to 65 hours of paid planning, research, discussions, rehearsals, performances, and artist talk-backs.
-The artists must also commit to being part of a panel discussion that will take place over Zoom to discuss their experience working together, their lived experience as artists, and any other topics that might arise.
-The artists must be available on March 21, 2023 for a presentation of work (either individual or group based) that represents the embodiment of their journey as artists, what they have learnt through their discussions, and any other artistic lenses the artists would like to present. Note: the final showcase is a paid presentation where the artists will be the owners of their work. DSI is not presenting or producing - we are offering the opportunity for artists to present their work in partnership with DSI and On Cue Performance Hub.
-We are looking for artists who are interested in sharing their lived experience, their cultural heritage, and their knowledge of dance.

-Established professionals and emerging professionals will be considered. -Artists must be a resident of Saskatchewan at the time of the program.
-Any style of dance is acceptable. Preference will be given to BIPOC artists and artists who identify as part of historically underserved communities.

-The program will take place in Regina, SK. Artists from outside of Regina who are interested in taking part are encouraged to apply. Accommodations will be arranged for the artist who requires them. Travel expenses will be covered.
-Rehearsals and planning will take place in February 2023. -Artists will be paid CADA-West Rates (2022 updated rates). -Contracts will be provided to artists in the program. -Applications will be reviewed by an external committee. -Four artists will be selected. Artists must apply individually. -Choreographers are also welcome to apply

How to Answer the Call for Artists?
-Please send your resume and a personal statement to ed@dancesask.com OR Artists can also send a video or other alternative instead of a personal statement and resume if that accommodation is beneficial for the applicant.
-In your personal statement, please include how your lived experience could be beneficial towards an anti-racism and anti-oppression presentation.
-Please indicate in your personal statement what styles of dance you practice or if you have worked in choreography.
-Please describe your movement practice and what you intend to gain from this opportunity.
-Please also include whether you are interested in taking on extra responsibilities as a dancer and facilitator. The facilitator will act as a mediator and artistic guide throughout the process. The facilitator will be compensated with a higher hourly rate according to the CADA-West rates.
-Please inform if there are any accommodations that we can coordinate for you.