Funding Program Renewal

SaskCulture is currently engaged in a Funding Program Renewal Project in order to, firstly, ensure that its funding model is sustainable, accessible and adaptive to changing needs in order to support relevant cultural programming and activities in Saskatchewan. Secondly, as SaskCulture strives for continuous improvement towards building and sustaining a culturally vibrant future in Saskatchewan, the Funding Program Renewal Project will help to ensure it is supporting cultural programs, activities and experiences that are more Inclusive, Diverse, Equitable and Accessible (IDEA). 

The Funding Program Renewal Project will take place in phases over the next four years.  SaskCulture will provide stakeholders opportunities to provide input and get involved with this process, as well as keep the community up-to-date on the project as it progresses.  Check back to this site for updates.

PHASE ONE Terms of Reference
Literature Reviews
Evaluation Framework
PHASE TWO Research
Consultation Planning & Delivery
Outcome Reporting
PHASE THREE Funding Program Renewal Plan
Evaluation Plan Development
PHASE FOUR Implemenation

*Projects in phases may overlap.