SaskCulture Program Funding Renewal Project – 2021-2025


What is the SaskCulture Program Funding Renewal Project?

SaskCulture’s Program Funding Renewal Project is a multi-year approach to examining and reviewing existing funding programs and listening to community needs in order to identify an updated funding program mix (grants and grant processes). Changes to an updated funding program mix will place a greater emphasis on the advancement and support of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) in SaskCulture’s own programs and services, as well as throughout the cultural ecosystem of the province. Changes to the funding model will help ensure that Sask Lotteries proceeds are used to support cultural activity that meets the needs of the ever-growing diversity of peoples in Saskatchewan.

What are the objectives of the Funding Renewal?

SaskCulture’s funding renewal is built on four objectives:

  1. Renewing Funding Programs: to renew SaskCulture’s funding model to ensure sustainability and transformation of relevant cultural programming
  2. Increasing IDEA: to support cultural leaders, organizations and community to develop and deliver inclusive and equitable and accessible cultural programming.
  3. Improving Evaluation: to develop evaluation mechanisms that measure progress towards the integration of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility and to identify existing and emerging needs.
  4. Implementing Change Management: to improve the responsiveness of SaskCulture and strengthen collective abilities to identify, plan for, and adapt to change.

What funding programs will be included?

The Funding Renewal Project will include a review of all funding programs supported with funds from the Culture Section of Sask Lotteries Trust Fund. This does not mean that all funding programs will change, just because they are included.  Funding programs included are:

  • SaskCulture Funding Programs: Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Leadership (AACL), Multicultural Initiatives Fund (MIF), Community Cultural Engagement and Planning (CCEP), Museum Grant Program (MGP), Métis Cultural Development Fund (MCDF), Culture Days Hub Sponsorship, Creative Kids Northern Cultural Fund (CKNCF) and Annual Global Funding (AGF);
  • Other funding provided via Partnerships and Sponsorships, including Communities of Interest.

When will this renewal take place?

SaskCulture is taking the time to conduct research, review options, consult with stakeholders and strategic partners, and gather feedback, before making recommendations.  As outlined in the Terms of Reference, the Funding Program Renewal will take place over four phases over 2021 to 2025:

                Phase One (2021-22): Terms of Reference, Literature Review, Evaluation Framework

                Phase Two (2022-23): Research, Consultation Planning & Delivery, Outcome Reporting

                Phase Three (2023-24): Funding Program Renewal Plan, Implementation, Evaluation Plan Development

                Phase Four (2025): Implementation, Evaluation

A more detailed timeline for each phase will be completed as planning evolves to help guide expectations and determine when key program elements will be assessed and discussed.

What does the Funding Program Renewal Project mean for me and my organization?

If you are a current, past or potential grant recipient, your input into the Funding Program Renewal will be important to helping us identify what works, as well as key areas of change and possible solutions. 

Any changes to grant programs will be announced well in advance and will be shared with all stakeholders leading up to when changes take place.

Will project grants or an annual operating grants still be available in 2021 or 2022?

Yes.  The current mix of grant programs will continue to be available to eligible organizations during the renewal process. Future changes and adjustments to existing grant programs will be made in advance of each deadline with notice..  Check the SaskCulture website for details on all current grants and their deadlines.

How is SaskCulture going to ensure that the program renewal process will make inclusion, diversity, equity, and access a core strategy and philosophy in this effort?

SaskCulture program renewal identifies outcomes specific to First Nations, Métis, Newcomers, People with Disabilities, 2SLGBTQIA+, and Northern Saskatchewan, and broadly, to the cultural network.  SaskCulture will ensure the Funding Program Renewal is committed to “nothing about us without us” as a core value to our processes.  SaskCulture will work with its key strategic partnerships to leverage opportunities to connect with underrepresented communities directly. 

Will there be consultation with community?

Yes.  Over the next few years, the cultural community and priority groups, not currently in our network, will have opportunities to provide feedback (consultations, surveys, meetings, etc.) on funding for cultural activity.  The process will take into account past, present and potential grant recipients, including those who are not currently eligible or accessing Sask Lotteries funding.  SaskCulture will be collecting feedback on what works, what doesn’t, as well as to potential solutions.

In the meantime, cultural groups are encouraged to assess the needs of their existing and potential stakeholders, so they can bring ideas back as feedback to the process.

What will or may change as a result of the renewal?

It is expected that priorities identified in SaskCulture’s 2020-2025 strategic plan and the Funding Renewal Program Terms of Reference will be the focus of change over time, but it is too early to identify specific examples of potential changes.  It can be anticipated that there will be a greater emphasis on supporting the goals of the program renewal within SaskCulture’s funding programs and a greater ability to evaluate the cultural sector’s progress towards priority areas.  Recommendations will be made, and if approved, an implementation strategy will be communicated so that groups have adequate time to adjust.

What are the Long term Goals of Program renewal?

The long-term goals are taken from SaskCulture’s current 2020-2025 strategic plan:

  • SaskCulture’s Funding model is sustainable and adaptive to ensure increased access to and participation in relevant cultural programming and activities
  • SaskCulture facilitates the ongoing transformation of cultural programs, activities and experiences.
  • Creative Kids is financially sustainable within SaskCulture’s funding framework
  • Saskatchewan children ‘most in need’ have opportunities to realize their potential through access to unique life-changing artistic and cultural experiences
  • A greater diversity of new and existing cultural programs are reaching underserved participants in the province
  • Cultural programming and activities and experiences are more available in the North
  • SaskCulture’s network is active in the process of Truth and Reconciliation
  • Leadership in the cultural sector reflects diversity, equity and inclusion

I have a question, comment or an idea for the program renewal. Who do I contact at SaskCulture?

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Catherine Folstad, Grants and Technology Supervisor, at cfolstad@saskculture.ca or call 1-306-780-9284 or Toll-Free: 1-866-476-6830.