Helping Your Stakeholders Recognize Funders

Member Funding

If you provide funding to member organizations, it is important that they also recognize SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries. Your organization should have a Member Funding Policy in place, and Member Funding Guidelines that outline this obligation. Ensure funding recipients have a pre produced tagline (see sample), or proper instructions, for recognizing multiple funders. Note: It is not enough to only recognize your organization, if groups receive funding from SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries.

Ensure Your Board is Aware

If SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries is one of your major funders, it is important that your volunteer board members are aware of this relationship. You may want to include a presentation on these two organizations as part of your Board Orientation.

Get the Message to Your Network

Beyond funding, sharing the message of Culture Builds Community and SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries is important to the continued support to the sector at large. Whenever possible:

  • Use the Culture Builds Community downloadable advertisements.  
  • Reference support for SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Forward SaskCulture E-Update and other SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries promotions.
  • Acknowledge SaskCulture/Sask Lotteries on plaques attached to mural projects, or any permanent structure or public art that lists funding sponsors. If a cultural product, such as a book, manual or CD/DVD is created, include the logos in a sponsorship area.
  • Use “Culture Builds Community” Banners at your events.