2020 Annual General Meeting

Thank you to everyone who participated in SaskCulture's virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Friday, September 11, 2020.


The SaskCulture membership welcomed five new candidates to the ten-member SaskCulture Board of Directors. Heather Cline was elected under the Arts category, Melanie Sunchild under the First Nations category, and Olufunke Okochi under the Multiculturalism category.  James Ingold was acclaimed to the position of Chair, and Les Oystryk was acclaimed under the Member at Large category. They are joined by Karen Henders, Sheryl Kimbley, Calvin Racette, James Rose and Lauren Stead. 


SaskCulture would like to thank departing board members Sekwun Ahenakew, Prat Das, Gwen Machnee, Nicole Matsalla and Past Chair, Joanne McDonald, for their contributions and dedication to supporting SaskCulture and culture in Saskatchewan.


We also would like to congratulate Communications Manager, Diane Ell on her 20 years with SaskCulture, as well as CEO, Dean Kush, and Program Consultant, Paul Gingras, on 10 years with SaskCulture.