Diversity and Inclusiveness


Since its inception, SaskCulture has always aimed at ensuring that cultural opportunities are inclusive, responsive and reflective of the changing face of the province. Now, to help organizations remain sustainable amid the changing demographics in the population, SaskCulture is working with its members and partners to ensure inclusiveness exists throughout the network.

Check out Progress Continues: SaskCulture's Diversity and Inclusiveness Strategy.

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Saskatchewan’s population is becoming more culturally diverse… IS YOUR ORGANIZATION READY?

Over the past 10 years, Saskatchewan has experienced a significant demographic shift in its population – and all indications show that this trend will continue. Two major trends are contributing to a more culturally diverse population: the continued growth of the First Nations and Métis youth demographic and increased immigration.

Line graph showing actual and projected growth of Indigenous population in Saskatchewan to July 2030 Line graph showing actual and projected population growth of Saskatchewan immigrant population to July 2030
Source: Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan,
Canadian Plains Research Centre, 2006

The non-profit organizations that reassess, rethink and revamp to ensure they offer the most inclusive programs and services – engaging increasingly diverse members, participants, volunteers and audiences - will remain sustainable for years to come.

Read the report by McNair Business Development Inc., Assessment of Demographic & Community Data (October 30, 2013), to see the demographic make-up of your community. It is hoped that organizations can use this up-to-date information to assist them with issues related to participation, accessibility and capacity…and help them remain sustainable into the future.

Read R. Anderson & Associates consultants’ report Engaging the Emerging Demographics (January 2014) for more insight into the current capacity of the cultural sector, the different stages of organizational change and opportunities for SaskCulture to support growth in this area.