The History of SaskCulture Inc. (1997 to 2022)

SaskCulture Today

Since 1997, SaskCulture Inc. has gained recognition as a leader in supporting cultural engagement in Saskatchewan. A non-profit, community-driven organization, SaskCulture works with members, volunteers and other community partners to build a culturally-vibrant province, where all citizens celebrate, value and participate in a rich, cultural life.

The organization supports the wide scope of cultural experience, including the arts, heritage, multiculturalism, First Nations and Métis cultures, and creative industries.

Today, SaskCulture works with over 150 member organizations, which in turn, reach out to an expansive network of local groups, associations, agencies, business and individuals in communities across the province. Membership also includes individuals, who support the values, principles and mandate of SaskCulture.

SaskCulture provides programs and services through its member network, such as training and education, shared advocacy and promotion, as well as a range of networking opportunities – all aimed to build and strengthen the cultural community in Saskatchewan.

One of SaskCulture's most significant roles is its responsibility for the Culture Section of the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. Along with its partners, Sask Sport Inc. and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association Inc., SaskCulture works to ensure funding is available to support a wide range of community programming in Saskatchewan.

SaskCulture’s work is based on strong partnerships. In addition to our partnership with Sask Sport and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association, SaskCulture has a significant partnership with Saskatchewan Arts Board, as well as maintaining ongoing relationships with Saskatchewan Ministry of Parks, Culture & Sport, Gabriel Dumont Institute, Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre, and Culture Days National Committee, to name but a few.

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