SaskCulture Continues to Grow - Staffing

After years of remaining relatively the same size of an organization, SaskCulture grew in 2010. In the beginning of the year, Knibbs & Associates were hired to complete a Human Resource Audit of the organization. Changing workloads, staff burnout and departures/maternity leaves contributed to the need to get a better understanding of SaskCulture staffing needs for the future. As a result, new staff positions included a new Creative Kids Program Coordinator, Grants Administrator, Administration Manager, Program Manager, Executive Assistant and two Outreach Coordinators. While some existing staff filled some of these positions, new people were also hired. In 2010, SaskCulture staff grew from nine staff to 12.

By 2011, SaskCulture had added in four more positions - Communications Coordinator, Creative Kids Funding Coordinator, Creative Kids Administration Assistant and a Culture Days Coordinator – bringing the total to 16 staff. By 2016, due to increased workloads created by establishing the new charity and operating an online grants platform, SaskCulture changed the Culture Days Coordinator to an Outreach position and hired two more contract administrative positions (18). In addition, the General Manger and Associate General Manager titles were changed to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Associate CEO, respectively in 2016.

In 2017, the complement continued to change as two staff people left due to family changes and one death. Changing needs required a new focus on positions. By 2018, SaskCulture had filled vacancies and created and filled a new Communications Assistant position, bringing the staff total to 19 permanent positions. Changes in 2019-2022 included several staffing changes – a new CEO, two new supervisor positions, some position removals, a retirement, maternity leaves, staff departures and reshuffling. As of 2022, SaskCulture has a total of 16 permanent positions.

Over the years, well-run policy governance, thoughtful dialogue and new technologies have all contributed to making SaskCulture’s Board an effective, efficient and positive experience for all. After getting the approval from the membership in 2015, SaskCulture’s Board of Directors was reduced from directors from 14 board directors to 10 board directors henceforth from the 2016/17 term.