About SaskCulture Inc.

We are a non-profit, community-based, volunteer-driven, provincial cultural organization. We work with our members, volunteers and community partners to build a culturally vibrant province, where all citizens celebrate, value and participate in a rich, cultural life. Thanks to funding from Sask Lotteries, SaskCulture is able to offer programs to distribute this funding and help nurture cultural engagement in the province.

Vision Statement

SaskCulture strives to build a culturally vibrant future in which all people in Saskatchewan, individually and collectively, celebrate, value and support participation in, and access to, cultural experience.

Mission Statement

SaskCulture unites the cultural community and works to advance the cultural vibrancy of the province. 

Principles & Values

When the organization was created in 1997, SaskCulture was seen as a cultural congress that would unite the all areas of the cultural community, including arts, heritage, multiculturalism, First Nations/Métis cultures, as well as the cultural/creative industries. Today, SaskCulture works with a network of thousands of community professionals, paid and unpaid, who provide the expertise, enthusiasm and commitment to keep culture strong in this province.

Many are often surprised to hear that Saskatchewan, despite its small population base and vast geographic expanse, is considered a leader within Canada when it comes to promoting and fostering cultural activities. This reputation is due – at least in part – to the strong tradition the people in this province have for coming together and working as a group to achieve a common good.

What does SaskCulture do?

We work on our own, and with other community partners, to provide a range of programs and services designed to encourage the growth of cultural activity in the province.

One of our most important roles is to ensure that a portion of the funds derived from Sask Lotteries ticket sales go to support cultural activity in the province. We work with our partners - Sask Sport and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association – to govern and guide policy direction for the Sask Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation on behalf of the people of Saskatchewan. Sask Lotteries is an important fundraiser for many non-profit sport, culture and recreation programs.

SaskCulture is pleased to partner with Sask Sport, Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association and the Government of Saskatchewan to ensure that proceeds from Sask Lotteries supports a wide range of sport, culture and recreation programs throughout the province.

Thanks to this essential source of community funding, SaskCulture is able to offer:
· A wide range of funding programs;
· Province-wide cultural promotions;
· A voice for culture with governments and decision-makers;
· Linkages to a diverse cultural network; and
· Many different organizational development opportunities.

All of which is designed to nurture a thriving cultural community, increase awareness of the value of culture and cultural activity, as well as increase participation by all peoples in Saskatchewan’s diverse cultural experiences.