Other Resources

SaskCulture works with many different community partners to support the continued growth of cultural activity in Saskatchewan. Over the years, SaskCulture has contributed to plans, consultations, studies and research that were important building blocks to where we are today.

To the right are a few historical reports for download that help showcase some of the development over the years.

Below are three videos produced to mark the 20th anniversary of SaskCulture Inc. in 2018. The videos bring the organization's Past Presidents together in conversation. They contain a wealth of information about SaskCulture, in particular its history and its future. They also provide valuable insights on leadership.

In the Beginning - a discussion of SaskCulture's beginnings as it evolved from the Saskatchewan Council of Cultural Organizations (SCCO) into SaskCulture

The Big Picture - looking at the role of SaskCulture within the lottery partnership as part of the bigger picture within the province and the impact of sport, culture and recreation in communities


What's Next? - providing some insight as to how the organization might look at itself moving forward as well as things to remember moving into the future