Getting the Word Out about SaskCulture

To help ensure more of the public was aware of the great things happening in the culture sector in Saskatchewan, SaskCulture launched a brand new publication in 2010, called Engage. Engage was designed to highlight the work of cultural leaders, volunteers and the diversity of activities supported by the Culture Section of Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation. The first issue of the publication featured SaskCulture’s 2009-10 Year in Review. Initial plans were made to publish the magazine tri-annually; however, timing, cost and staff resources have limited it to a twice annual publication. Since its launch, Engage has had 23 issues published. Approximately 2,500 copies of each issue of the publication are distributed throughout the community, featuring a wide range of cultural topics. By 2013, the publication was also available to readers online.

In 2011, SaskCulture introduced an updated logo, which promoted both SaskCulture and Saskatchewan Lotteries, and increased visibility for the organization and use of lottery recognition. When Sask Lotteries updated its branding in 2019, SaskCulture was asked to discontinue the double logo, and not call itself a funder. Since this time, SaskCulture has gone through a process of updating the Sask Lotteries logo on all materials, and increasing awareness of the changes throughout the network.

SaskCulture conducted its own Public Awareness Survey in 2013 through the services of Points West Consulting. Key results showed that only 53.9% of the population are aware of cultural activities; and of this amount, only 59.4% participate. Access to cultural activity was a key concern, with only 29.5% satisfied with their access. The biggest surprise was that 39.5% of respondents said they were aware of SaskCulture (a relatively high ranking), even though only 18% could accurately define the role of the organization. There was limited awareness of Culture Days (22.7%) and Creative Kids (18.3%); however, when explained both programs were rated as important and highly important to Saskatchewan.