Board of Directors

SaskCulture Board of Directors:

Following the Annual General Meeting, held on June 17, 2022, the current ten-member SaskCulture Board of Directors includes:

Headshot photo of Jan Seibel.

Jan Seibel

2022 - Present

Headshot photo of James Ingold.

James Ingold
Past Chair

2021 - Present
Headshot photo of Wilfred Burton. Wilfred Burton 2021 - Present
Headshot photo of Heather Cline. Heather Cline 2020 - Present
A portrait photo of Joanne McDonald.

Joanne McDonald

2023 - Present

Headshot photo of Yvonne Hotzak. Yvonne Hotzak 2021 - Present
Headshot photo of Rowena Materne. Rowena Materne 2021 - Present




Lamarr Oksasikewiyin

2022 - Present

Headshot photo of Les Oystryk. Les Oystryk 2020 - Present
A photo of Melanie Sunchild. Melanie Sunchild 2021 - Present

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