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Adventures in Archaeology

On tour with the Saskatchewan Archaeology Society

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Belinda Daniels

Top teacher is a life-long learner

Apr, 2016

Heritage Moments: How youth are finding inspiration through history

Saskatchewan students are taking an active interest in their heritage thanks to a school program designed to explore history and culture.

Nov, 2014
First Nations

Cultural Arts Camp receives rave reviews from elders and students in Turnor Lake

The Cultural Arts Camp, hosted by the Birch Narrows Dene Community School, has started something they can’t stop, and its positive impact will be long lasting for the community of Turnor Lake.

Turnor Lake
Jun, 2014
First Nations , Heritage

Oskayak Culture Camp connects youth to tradition

In May 2013, students from Oskayak High school in Saskatoon travelled north to the shores of Waterhen First Nation by the Meadow Lake Provincial Park.

Nov, 2013
General Culture

Champions only part of SEDA success

Supporting the pursuit of national championships, producing videos, hosting seminars and touring the north are just a few of the activities keeping the Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association (SEDA) busy this past year.

Oct, 2011

Interest in Languages Continues to Grow

Have you ever passed by a classroom and heard children speaking Urdu or Igbo? The Saskatchewan Organization of Heritage Languages (SOHL) hopes the sounds of heritage language in schools will grow more and more common every year.

Oct, 2010