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In Memoriam- Darren Okemaysim

SaskCulture is saddened by the passing of our friend, advisor and volunteer, Darren Okemaysim.  Darren has supported SaskCulture since 2007 as a cultural advisor and as a volunteer funding assessor.  He is remembered first and foremost, for his laughter, humor and passion for language and culture.  A Cree language teacher (or as he called himself- a 'Cree-ture'), he supported SaskCulture's work for over a decade and has had immeasurable impact in  supporting a culturally vibrant province. Darren passed away on October 30th  after a long battle with cancer. He told us "it may take my life, but it will not beat me". kinanâskomitin Darren. We are honored to have walked with you.