Sask Lotteries launches new look

On February 18, 2020, Sask Lotteries launched its new look featuring a fresh, new brand and visual identity. The change includes a new logo for the organization, as well as a continued pledge to provide Saskatchewan residents with a real, honest chance at winning and a guarantee of supporting communities throughout the province.

All those supported are encouraged to be brand ambassadors by:

  • Recognizing Sask Lotteries as your funder.

Ensure the fundraiser is recognized in the appropriate posters, programs, speeches and events within your community.

  • Sharing Sask Lotteries messages on social media.

Make sure the message of Sask Lotteries role as the main fundraiser for sport, culture and recreation across the province is shared in your networks.

  • Promoting Sask Lotteries and ticket sales at your events.

Lottery ticket sales mean dollars are available to support sport, culture and recreation activities in your communities – so ensure you continue to promote this “guaranteed win”!

All funding beneficiaries are asked to use the new logo and marketing materials to recognize Sask Lotteries as the main fundraiser for sport, culture and recreation in the province.  It is important that the brand refresh is executed in a responsible and cost-effective manner. Everyone is encouraged to update digital promotion over the next six months, and then take an inventory of all other logo use and update them as new materials are refreshed and ordered.

Logo files

News Release


Groups and organizations funded through SaskCulture can contact us directly at 306-780-9284 or email, for any questions about the logo change.