Non-Profits Identify Key Disruptions from COVID-19

The Saskatchewan Non-Profit Partnership recently released the results of its survey, conducted between March 27 and April 3, 2020, around the impact of  COVID-19 pandemic on non-profit organizations in the province.  Of the 522 responses, reduced revenues was identified as having a major impact for respondents: 73% of organizations were concerned about reduced fundraising revenue, and 57% were concerned about reduction in sales or fee revenues.  A further 65% identified key impacts around disruption of services.  And, 50% identified they were facing or anticipate facing human resource challenges, for both staff and volunteers needing to work remotely. The wish list for moving forward included: bridge funding, enhanced internet access; rent subsidization, flexibility in funding, reduced minimum requires for accessing federal and provincial subsidies, access to assistance or counselling programs, and access to training and resources on safety protocols. Click here for the complete report.