Dean Kush Named New SaskCulture CEO

On behalf of the Board of Directors of SaskCulture Inc. (the “Board”), I am very pleased to inform the membership that we have completed our executive search for a new Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) to replace long-time CEO, Rose Gilks, who informed us that she wanted to retire by the spring of 2020.  With the support and expertise of the David Aplin Group, the Board conducted a rigorous search for the position.  We received over 180 applications that was reduced to 18 solid candidates with the final selection process taking us from 18 to 6 candidates for interviews, and 2 final candidates for repeat interviews – all of which were conducted remotely.

As of May 15, 2020, Dean Kush will become the new CEO of SaskCulture.  Dean brings a wealth of experience to this position, including his 10 years of experience within SaskCulture, initially as Program Manager and for a longer period of time, as Associate CEO.  Dean is from small-town Saskatchewan and is passionately committed to living a culturally vibrant life within the province.  Many know him from his career as a songwriter and performer; however, Dean also has extensive experience in the area of inclusion and diversity in the fields of English as a second language, settlement, international recruitment and immigration.  His experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors gives him a solid background in many of the cultural issues of interest today and in the future. With Dean already being an integral part of the SaskCulture staff team, the Board is confident the organization will move forward effectively and efficiently with his leadership and passion.

In closing, on behalf of the current and past Boards of SaskCulture, as well as all the Board Chairs, and staff I would like to thank Rose Gilks for her 22 years as the CEO of SaskCulture, and prior to that five years in the role of Funding Manager. Rose has been with SaskCulture from the beginning and she leaves with a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success that has propelled SaskCulture to an organization that is the envy of the country.  Rose can, and should, be proud for what she has done to make Saskatchewan more culturally vibrant. We cannot thank Rose enough for her dedication, service and legacy.

James Rose