Working Together to End Racism

We, at SaskCulture, stand in solidarity with Black people and communities and the #blacklivesmatter movement.  We recognize that systemic racism and societal injustices affect people who are Black, Indigenous and people of Colour (BIPoC) on a daily basis.  We support efforts to fight racism and prejudice in order to create a more inclusive and equitable Saskatchewan for all. 


SaskCulture is committed to continuing our vision of building a culturally vibrant province, which includes increased understanding and respect for the many different people and cultures that call this land home.  Our diverse board provides our organization with the necessary leadership to move forward to support anti-racism initiatives.  Our diverse staff team provides us with perspectives to create mutually respectful relationships with diverse individuals and organizations.  While we are not perfect and always strive for improvement within our own organization,  we are committed to unlearning long-held patterns of behaviour, ways of thinking and misinformation, so that we, in turn, can successfully support those who are leading anti-racism causes and initiatives.


We stand behind our commitment to the elimination of racism in our communities by:

  • Providing long term operational support to the work of the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan and its programs which include Intercultural Learning modules, Antiracism 101 resources, Welcome Home initiatives, and Elimination of Racism promotions.
  • Supporting organizations, such as the African Canadian Resource Network, the Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum, the Ugandan Canadian Association of Saskatchewan and la Communauté de Africains Francophones de la Saskatchewan to name a few.  Their work enriches our communities and ensures voices within the Black community are heard.
  • Changing our constitution to clearly identify our commitment to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that identify needed change to advance reconciliation with First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples.
  • Continued promotion of Indigenous awareness opportunities and support of National Indigenous Peoples Day.
  • Providing operational support to the Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan and Wanuskewin Heritage Park.
  • Cultivating a mutually respectful relationship, as an ally, to support the Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Centre in its efforts to support Indigenous language learning in our province.
  • Providing Organizational Diversity Planning support to the majority of our eligible provincial cultural organizations supported through the Sask Lotteries delivery system.
  • Ensuring our staff team continues to learn about the impact of systemic racism and increase understanding of the change needed through learning opportunities such as attending MCoS Intercultural Diversity modules, KAIROS Blanket Exercise, Wichihitowin, and Aboriginal Awareness Training sessions

While we continue to learn and improve our own work, we will also continue to work in partnership with others in the cultural community to strengthen the inclusiveness, diversity, equity, and accessibility in our communities.  As a cultural community, we must not remain idle, we must all continue to listen, reflect, learn and act in ways that foster respect for, and understanding of, the diversity of cultures that contribute to our shared future.