Listen, Learn and Support: Help Put an End to Racism

While we all continue to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, recent events, such as the killing of George Floyd in the USA and the attack on a 15-year-old Asian-Canadian boy right here in Saskatchewan, have reminded us that racism and associated injustices continue to infect and weaken our society. This isn’t just a problem in the USA, racism and social injustice impact many within our own country – within our own province.

Now is not the time for communities to be divided, it is the time that we should be working together – learning more about how we can understand our neighbors, respecting differences and recognizing the benefits of diversity.  Stand up and speak against racism, but also take the opportunity to learn more.  This is the time for the cultural network to share positive messages with others.  However, don’t stop at repeating statements and sharing social media posts – read the articles and explore resources that share how we all can really make real change – make a difference.

To better understand the issue, here are few of the many links and resources available from Canada and beyond that have come into SaskCulture inboxes: