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Heritage Saskatchewan takes on international role

Cultural heritage is at the core of every society, from the food we eat to the clothes we wear to the tools we use to do our jobs. That’s why the new appointment of a Heritage Saskatchewan director as a co-chair to a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations committee, will help the province connect to the larger, international discussions on living heritage and the long-lasting vibrancy, diversity, and resiliency of our cultures.

Kristin Catherwood, director of living heritage, Heritage Saskatchewan, will join Dr. Agnieszka Pawlowska-Mainville, associate professor, University of Northern British Columbia, as a co-chair in UNESCO’s Living Heritage and Sustainable Living. Catherwood, who has worked with Heritage Saskatchewan for several years, is also working on Relationship Building and Reconciliation through Living Heritage Project in Humboldt, SK.

According to Pawlowska-Mainville, the chair will “unite communities, scholars, and organizations working in cultural heritage across Canada and we aim to share knowledge from different localities and from different languages, including Indigenous languages.” While Pawlowska-Mainville will lead the academic and international aspects of the project, Catherwood, who brings experience in community-based work as well as expertise in heritage and education, will focus on partner engagement and the work in the Prairies. For more information, visit or a recent interview on CKPG Today in Prince Albert.