Jeannette Aschenbrenner

Jeannette Aschenbrenner Coaching and Consulting

A headshot photo of ​​​​​​​Jeannette Aschenbrenner​​​​​​​

Lifecycle Capacity Consultant (LCC)

Communities: Province-Wide

Other Designations/Certifications: 

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Masters Human Resource Development

Other Educational, Knowledge, or Experience:

  • Design and Facilitation Training from ICA Associates (Technology of Participation Methodologies)
  • Change Leadership and Management Solutions that address people side of change (Research based approaches from Neuro-Leadership Institute creating inclusion and space for positive change based on the work and research of Otto Sharmer)

Areas of Expertise:

  • Organization, Team, and Individual Assessment
  • Learning and Change
  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Workshop Design and Facilitation
  • Teaching, Facilitating, Collaborating, and Coaching 

Lifecycles Table Areas of Expertise:

  • Governance
  • Management

Lifecycles Stage:

  • Start-Up
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Turnaround

Style/Approach: My approach is strengths based, engaging with my clients to build their capacity to achieve business results and to make a successful, personally rewarding contribution. I believe in a whole system approach, assessing and designing work and approaching interpersonal connections in ways that capitalize on synergy and collaboration.