Rose Gilks

Rose Gilks
304 - 5500A Parliament Avenue, Regina, SK, S4W 0T3

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Certified Lifecycle Consultant (CLCC)

Lifecycle Capacity Consultant (LCC)

Communities: Province-Wide

Other Educational, Knowledge, or Experience:

  • Extensive knowledge of Governance, Policy Governance, Change Management, Policy Development & Monitoring, Leadership, Board Development, Moving Toward Diversity, Visioning, Planning and Effective Teams

Areas of Expertise:

  • Policy Development
  • Board Development
  • Implementing Diversity
  • Ongoing Evaluation (Monitoring)
  • Human Resources
  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Planning

Lifecycles Table Areas of Expertise:

  • Program Development & Evaluation
  • Governance
  • Management
  • Financial/Business Model
  • Administrative Systems

Lifecycles Stage:

  • Idea
  • Start-Up
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Decline
  • Turnaround


As a consultant, I believe the most important task when commencing work with a client is to assist them in doing a "deep dive" into what they want to achieve. Following that, the consultant's role is to work with the client to support them in achieving their outcome. As a consultant, it is very important to "listen well" and to give the client information to ponder as they work toward their outcome.