Step FOUR: Access Training

Learning to identify and address issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination are not easy.  The information shared on this site is mainly provided to increase awareness.  As a leader, you may want to explore more learning opportunities.


10 Steps for creating safe environments in Organizations and Communities, Red Cross - Ten Steps is a straightforward risk management course to help businesses, organizations and communities to prevent violence, abuse and bullying. Learng to customize a concrete action plan to prevent and respond proactively to these threats. Cost $40

Bullying Awareness & Prevention Hub - PrevNet is Canada’s foremost bullying research and anti-bullying education delivery organization. They offer a number of tools including a recently developed awareness program on discrimination.

Respect Group Training - Respect Group Inc, founded by former NHL player Sheldon Kennedy, offers online training for activity leaders and parents. Although it comes from a sports perspective, the training provides information on the scope and impact of abuse, harassment and bullying while also offering strategies for intervention and change.  Interactive learning available.

Protect Yourself Rules - Bullying - The non-profit Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center Foundation in the USA, in conjunction with Wonder Media, has developed this video as part of its national campaign on child abuse awareness and prevention.

What are child abuse and neglect? - A brief video, from the US Centre for Disease Control, helping to define child abuse and neglect. - Canadian Centre for Child Protection: A Winnipeg based national organization that provides many resources primarily focused on sexual abuse and the sexual exploitation of children and youth.

Keeping Arts Safe - The Arts Council of England crafted a comprehensive set of policies and guidelines for their membership. While some of the information (such as child protection agencies and criminal record checks) does not correspond with Canadian/Saskatchewan practices, this is a useful and informative document with downloadable guides.

Child Abuse is wrong: what can I do? - This booklet, published by the Department of Justice Canada offers guidance for anyone who suspects that a child is being abused.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse - Developed by NSPCC in the United Kingdom, helps in identifying and responding to sexual abuse of children.

For Respectful Workplaces

Maintaining Respectful Workplaces (CHRC) - CHRC has engaged professional HR experts to train a select group of sector trainers from different disiplines to develop and deliver workshops on Maintaining Respectful Workplaces. Since the trainers come from different parts of the country and the sector, they bring specific expertise and knowledge to these offerings. 

Training Video on Harassment - Developed by Williams HR Consulting - a 30-minute management training resource on 'responding to allegations of harassment in the workplace' with a questionnaire to test learner recall of key points. Training resource guide for employers.

Respectful Workplace - Information Sessions (CHRC) - This 'Respectful Workplace' information session explores reasons for increases in workplace conduct issues, the impact on the workplace, and the importance of and methods for setting conduct expectations to help employers and organizations manage, navigate and contain conduct behaviour that could constitute harassment (sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence) in the workplace.