Success Stories

General Culture, Heritage

Adventures in Archaeology

On tour with the Saskatchewan Archaeology Society


Circus Arts a Big Hit in the North

Dec, 2018
First Nations , Heritage

Food Creates Cultural Connection

How a feast helps students share their culture

Oct, 2016
Métis, Multiculturalism

Métis Cultural Camp Strengthens Youth Identity

Culture camp nurtures relationships

Apr, 2016
Arts, First Nations , Métis

Living Histories – Treaty education in living sky school Division

There is more than one way to tell a story and the living sky school Division is bringing Treaty education to life through cultural experiences.

Jun, 2014
General Culture

Artists ‘animate’ Culture Days in Saskatchewan

Since 2010, SaskCulture has hired Saskatchewan artists, from a variety of disciplines, to interest people – planners and public - in participating in Culture Days, a three-day event held during the last weekend in September each year.

Nov, 2013
Arts, Heritage, Métis

Production shares important Métis history

Live theatre has the power to touch audiences in a way few other art forms can. The play The Trial of Louis Riel has been reaching out and touching people with its story for 47 years.

Nov, 2013
Arts, First Nations

Students go digital as part of Treaty Learning

Students from Balcarres learned that the art of film, audio and digital photography can create a fascinating opportunity to learn about Treaties in Saskatchewan.

Jan, 2012

Interest in Languages Continues to Grow

Have you ever passed by a classroom and heard children speaking Urdu or Igbo? The Saskatchewan Organization of Heritage Languages (SOHL) hopes the sounds of heritage language in schools will grow more and more common every year.

Oct, 2010