Ecomuseums of Saskatchewan podcast launched

Last week, during the Heritage Forum held in Regina, SaskScapes podcast host Kevin Power had the opportunity to record a fantastic podcast about Ecomuseums in Saskatchewan. You can listen to the full-length episode on SoundCloud and Stitcher radio, or stream it from the website
There is also a shorter, "micro version" available, which you can also listen to on SoundCloud, Stitcher radio, and the website. As always, you can subscribe to SaskScapes in iTunes so you don't miss an episode. You can also listen to all of the past episodes of SaskScapes!
Not sure what we are talking about when we say "podcast"? Podcasts are basically on-demand radio. Check out this "How to listen to a podcast" video for more information. It was created for other podcasts called This American Life and Serial but the information it presents is about podcasts in general and is applicable to listening to SaskScapes. If you have questions about podcasts or encounter any difficulties while trying to listen, please contact Michelle Brownridge at or (306) 780-9289.