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Saskatchewan Election: Issues to Discuss
On April 4th, Saskatchewan residents will go to the polls to vote for leaders of the provincial government. Journalists have summarized the platform promises that reflect the different political parties’ plans for the changing needs of the province. Yet, very little is said about support for culture and/or cultural activity. An election is the perfect time to share some of your concerns as a constituent and a member of the cultural community. Many cultural groups hope voters will ask questions that spark interest and discussion of key issues in the cultural community, such as:
·         How will your party rekindle support and investment for arts education in Saskatchewan schools? As well as, how will it continue to support Saskatchewan Arts Board and Creative Saskatchewan? Visit the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance website for the questions, responses received and background.
·         How will your party ensure Saskatchewan heritage – both tangible and intangible – is preserved for future generations? Check out Heritage Saskatchewan’s website for the questions it has provided.
·         How will your party respond to the Calls to Action identified in the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Report released in June 2015? For more information on the TRC, read SaskCulture’s Engage magazine editorial or visit the TRC’s website.
·         Will the party re-consider cuts to the heritage language programs offered by Saskatchewan Organization of Heritage Languages (SOHL), which have become important to Saskatchewan’s immigrant and Indigenous families who may not be able to afford paying extra for these services? To find out more, visit SOHL’s website or read SaskCulture’s letter.
·         How will the provincial parties will help support the growth and development of Saskatchewan’s film industry? Check out the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association for more information.

And, as a concerned and interested citizen, be sure you are registered and ready to vote on April 4th.