Instagram Stories 101

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media apps in the world. Between 250 and 500 million people use its Stories function every day. Many non-profit organizations use it as a simple, cost-effective method to reach new and existing audiences.

Besides being accessible and relatively easy to use, users also appreciate the ability to share temporary images or videos that depict their organizations, programs and services in a way that is visually appealing, thanks to in-app features such as filters, stickers and Boomerang.

Here is some information to help make the most of Instagram Stories:

  1. Remember the ideal dimensions for Instagram stories: post vertical pictures or videos that are 1080 pixels wide X 1920 pixels tall, with an aspect ratio of 9:16 for optimum viewing
  2. Experiment with in-app features – Instagram features like filters or stickers can help make your content stand out
  3. Tag your location – your Story will show up in the public feed of the tagged location, helping you reach new audiences
  4. #hashtag your Story – use descriptive hashtags so that your post shows up on that particular hashtag’s feed page, again capturing new followers
  5. Post regularly – Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours so posting frequently helps keep your followers interested in your content
  6. Engage with your followers – reply to their comments, follow their pages and like their photos to make them feel valued

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