How Are You Staying Culturally Connected While Social Distancing?

SaskCulture asked how you were staying culturally connected while social distancing. Over 60% of respondents identified online movie and television streaming services as their main activity; followed by 53% of respondents identifying offline hands-on activities as a way of staying involved and occupied.

Online Movies or Television Shows (i.e. Netflix, NFB, CBC, etc.) 66.67%
Offline Creative Projects (i.e. Painting, drawing, writing, crafting, scrapbooking, etc.) 53.33%
Online Concerts or Theatre Productions 40.00%
Online Arts Activities (i.e. Tutorials in dance, visual arts, music, etc.) 40.00%
Online Museum Tours 13.33%
Online Family Research 13.33%
Online Language Lessons 6.67%
Other 20.00%