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Holding a Virtual Annual General Meeting

Restrictions on gatherings during the COVID-19 situation has many organizations considering holding virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs). This past week, the Province of Saskatchewan amended regulations to The Non-profit Corporations Act, 1995 to authorize non-profits to hold AGMs by telephone, video conference or other electronic means. While it is now legal to do so, it is important that organizations review their options from their own organizational perspective.

Before moving ahead with a virtual AGM, organizations should confirm that their articles or bylaws do not expressly state that AGMs must be held in-person; if there is any question or doubt, groups are encouraged to seek legal counsel to ensure this meeting will meet legal requirements.

For groups that plan to move ahead with holding a virtual AGM, the next step (besides choosing a date and time), is to decide the format that will be used. This Virtual AGM Facilitation Guide, created by the Ontario Nonprofit Network, shares information about the various options available, such as webinar or electronic meeting platforms, and their advantages and disadvantages. It also covers the common online AGM functions; the roles that are needed; and, tips and tricks to help your virtual AGM run smoothly.

Below are a few additional resources that may help you review your options and plan for a successful virtual AGM:

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