Community Cultural Engagement and Planning Grant


February 15, 2024

If the deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadline becomes the next business day.

Type of Funding: Project Funding

SaskCulture’s Community Cultural Engagement and Planning grant program is accessible by municipalities, First Nations, Tribal Councils, Métis Locals or Métis Regions in Saskatchewan to plan for the cultural life of a community.

If you require any accommodations or assistance during the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at 306-780-9284 or If you encounter any challenges or have any suggestions on how we can improve accessibility, please let us know.


Stream Percent Funded Grant Request Amount Applicant Contribution
Research 100% Up to a $5,000 grant $0
Engagement 100% Up to a $5,000 grant $0
Development of a Culture Plan 50% Up to a $20,000 grant 50% of eligible expenses
Implementation 100% Up to a $5,000 grant 0%



The Community Cultural Engagement & Planning (CCEP) grant program aims to support research, community engagement, cultural planning, community investment and development, and collaboration and partnerships between various cultural organizations and community sectors that promote cultural vitality and economic sustainability.

CCEP has four Streams:

  • Research: information gathering, identification of cultural and community assets, mapping assets, assessment, analysis of data, evaluation, feasibility studies, surveys, publishing of research findings, etc.
  • Engagement: community engagement and/or consultation initiatives related to culture in a community. Projects could include: public meetings, town hall meetings, facilitated discussions, focus groups, building community knowledge and capacity through presentations/guest speakers followed by discussions, etc.
  • Development of a Culture Plan: a community culture plan will be the outcome of this stream. Applicants can include research and community engagement as part of this stream or the project could follow previously completed research and community engagement.
  • Implementation: projects will be implementation initiatives resulting from a community culture plan or other plan that has a focus on culture in the community.

If you are unsure whether your project fits within a stream of this grant, please contact the Outreach Consultant, or see the list of Past Recipients and Related Success Stories below.

Project Eligibility:

All funds are to be used for the benefit of cultural development in Saskatchewan and for residents of Saskatchewan. 

Applicants must select one of the streams that best fits the activities of the proposed project.

Projects must address a community-identified need and demonstrate community support and involvement.

Multiple submissions will not be considered:

  • Applicants may only submit one proposal per CCEP deadline;
    • If the applicant already has an outstanding/overdue SaskCulture grant, a second proposal will not be considered until the current one is reconciled.
    • If the applicant’s current CCEP grant is wrapping up during the time of application for another deadline, contact SaskCulture for options.
  • Applicants may not apply to multiple SaskCulture funding programs to support the same activity for the same timeframe.

Eligible projects must start no sooner than eight (8) weeks after the application deadline, and must end within twelve (12) months of the project start date. Projects that commence sooner than 8 weeks after the deadline will not be considered.

Preference will be given to applicants that have not received a grant in the previous twelve (12) months.


Eligible Applicants are:

  • An urban or rural municipality* or First Nation or Tribal Council or Métis Local or Métis Region in Saskatchewan. The applicant must:
    • be in good standing with the Sask Lotteries Community Grant Program; and
    • have no outstanding grant follow-ups due to SaskCulture.

Municipalities, First Nations, Tribal Councils, Métis Locals or Métis Regions that have overdue follow-up reports within the Lottery-funded system are ineligible.

*An example of an urban or rural municipality applicant is the Town of Kipling or the RM of Livingston

  • A Registered Non-Profit organization in Saskatchewan working in partnership with at least one urban or rural municipality* or First Nation or Tribal Council, Métis Local or Métis Region in SaskatchewanThese organizations must:
    • have a primarily cultural mandate in Arts, Heritage, Multiculturalism or Cultural Industries as defined by SaskCulture’s Cultural Policy, or otherwise demonstrate significant engagement in cultural activity;
    • be in existence as a registered non-profit for at least one full fiscal year prior to the deadline date;
    • be in good standing with Information Services Corporation (ISC);
    • have no outstanding grant follow-ups due to SaskCulture; and, provide a signed copy of the organization’s annual financial statement that was most recently submitted to the ISC to show evidence of good standing as a non-profit organization in Saskatchewan.

*A letter of support from a partner(s) is required.

Before You Apply

  • Read the program guidelines; and
  • All applicants, especially new applicants, are strongly urged to discuss their request with the Outreach Consultant prior to submission well in advance of the deadline.

If you have any questions about SaskCulture programs and services, please contact Outreach Consultant listed on this page. 

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